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Web Up-dates

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Today, June 29, 2019. Thomas Vasas Photography & Art have been going thru some major up-date's to it's website. We have added some new information and new pages to our site; portraits photography page, wedding photography page, events photography, page, and up-dating and adding a links page for our new visitors. We will be up-dating our prices, and have also added other photography services as well; photo scanning, photo retouching, and also putting your current photo's in products like; mousepad, coffee mug, key chain, and much more. A lot has changed, and more is to come over the coming months. Also, keep watch for a Newsletter coming out in late Summer of 2019, and it will be pack full of information of our services, and much more. #photography #photographer #Columbus #Georgia #portraitphotography #weddingphotography #photoservices

The BitCoin

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Here we go, another very useful money transaction technology of the future.  The Bitcoin.  The Bitcoin has made it into major retailers in the past several years, like for example places like; Sears, JC Pennys, Target, CVS, and many more major retailers.  Will this have a major impact for photographers, Yes.  This new money system, will cost less to use, and is very much less expensive to use.  I think many photographers will have to eventually switch, or just starting to this system in the near future.  According to Google Search, there is many sources for this new system, that photographers can change to set-up for practically for free.  The percentage to switch, is a very low cost effective, and is a good idea, and will be the new permenant system for all photographers, others that sell online.  To learn more about the Bitcoin, just search it up in any Search Engine, Google is the best to use.  There will be more about this in a later article.


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Adding other services to the site, whcih will offer more services to the site.  Under this page will be; DVD Slide Shows, Photo's to Book, and more to come.  Currently in the process of setting the price for DVD Slide Show, and will start workng on plans for the Photo's to Book services.  More willbe releaseed at a later date.

Thomas Vasas Photography Fine Art Print Catalog

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Just anncounced of another publication, Thomas Vasas Photography Fine Art Print Catalog,  the current issue that is avaliable; Summer 2015.  The catalog is avaliable as single purchase, or it can be purchased as a subscription, for 1 year or 2 year.  More information will be posted at a later date.


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Have up-dated the website with a new photo category, called Magazine Covers.  I just releaseed my first magazine for business's to purchase a copy of my magazine; Thomas Vasas Photography Portfolio Magazine, the magazine has up-dated photo's for business's and publishers to purchase or review my photo's for possible publication.  Business's and publishers can purchase a single copy off my website, or they can purchase a 1 year subscription.  More detail's will be posted on a later date.

Fine Art Print Store

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New announcement.  Just recently started a Art Print Store with Fine Art America.  Some of my photo's are now avaliable ascanvas prints, or frameed prints, or prints without the frames.  You can reach the store thru my website at the Fine Art Prints Button.  I have several photo's avaliable for sell.  You can choose between: canvas prints, framed prints, regular rolled prints, metal prints, etc.  And if you don't see what you want, than email for a preference, and I see what I can do.  Thank you for visiting Thomas Vasas Photography.

Website Up-Date

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My website has been up-graded and up-dated with some new information about one of my projects and the up-coming book that is due out sometime in early 2014.  More information will be released about the book in January 2014.  The project that is in the working and planning stage is called the Cooper Creek Park Photo Project.

Site Up-date December 1, 2013

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I finally got online today do so more up-dates to the site, and did some work on the About Page.  Still have more work to do on other pages and up-load photo's to the Portfolio, and currently working on some videorgraphy work to up-load to this site.  Hope to additional work over the next several months to keep the site up-dated and fresh with new content.

New Home Page

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Effective and starting today, February 6, 2015.  You will see a new and improved Home Page.  I did some major designing of the Home Page, with a modern new look, and also removed some items, and the removed items will be place on another page as well.  Also, removed the Guest Book page as well, but will be back soon.  In the next few days, the Our Services tab will also get a new look as well.  As I remove old pages, new ones will take its place.  More information coming soon.  I hope everyone will enjoy the new changes.

Flat Rock Project

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After almost of 3 years of doing photographic work of Flat Rock Park, which is located in my home town of Columbus, Georgia.  I will be launching a another project, called the Flat Rock Photo Project.  I'm currently in the working stage of starting the website, and will be probably launched in January 2015.  Plans for a book is planned as well.  There will also be a Facebook Page, Google+ Page, and a Twitter Page set-u as well.  I will keep everyone posted, and further information posted in my website, and the Project site as well.  I will post the link very soon on this website, Thomas Vasas Photography.  I thanks everybody for enjoying my work.